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Our Team: Driven by Vision and Passion

At the heart of Breaking Out the Cocoon is a dedicated team committed to fostering a welcoming and uplifting environment. Led by CEO Afi Bell and COO Martin Proctor, this team is driven by the vision of creating a space where fun, positivity, and inclusivity thrive. Afi Bell brings her personal experience and passion to the organization, encouraging individuals to embrace their journeys while finding joy and connection through various activities.

Martin Proctor, as the COO, ensures that the PARTY atmosphere is meticulously managed to meet the high standards of safety, enjoyment, and diversity. His role includes overseeing the seamless operation of events, making sure every guest feels included and energized. Together, they form an inspirational leadership team that embodies the spirit of Breaking Out the Cocoon, always ready to share their love for celebration with anyone who walks through their doors.

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