Afi Bell

As the CEO of Breaking Out the Cocoon, I am deeply passionate about promoting understanding and empowerment for those living with epilepsy. My personal journey as someone with epilepsy has shaped my desire to inspire others to break free from the limitations and misconceptions that often accompany the condition. My book, Living Free With Epilepsy, tells my story and encourages others to embrace their strengths. Public speaking is my avenue for sharing this message with a broader audience, and I take pride in delivering speeches that uplift, inform, and empower individuals. By sharing my experiences, I hope to create a supportive community that offers encouragement and strength.

In addition to public speaking, I oversee the PARTY program, where I aim to create an atmosphere of fun, positivity, and inclusion. Managing PARTY allows me to provide a space where people can come together, connect, and find joy despite challenges they may face. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel a sense of belonging and excitement, and I am dedicated to ensuring that our events offer just that. Ultimately, my goal is to establish Breaking Out the Cocoon as a safe haven where people can celebrate their uniqueness and discover empowerment.

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