Chief Operating Officer

Martin Proctor

I focus on creating memorable, exciting events that bring people together in a welcoming atmosphere. My goal is to ensure that each PARTY event runs smoothly and is a place where individuals can enjoy themselves without judgment. Working alongside Afi Bell, I help design events that combine play, entertainment, and social interaction in ways that uplift and invigorate our community. I believe in fostering an inclusive environment where guests can have fun, whether dancing to music, playing games, or sharing a laugh.

With a keen eye for detail, I strive to make every PARTY experience uniquely positive and supportive, reflecting our core values of joy, acceptance, and belonging. By managing the logistics and planning of these events, I am committed to creating an atmosphere that leaves our guests feeling energized and connected. I am passionate about providing a vibrant environment where people can form new friendships, celebrate shared interests, and break free from any societal misconceptions. Together, we can create a supportive community through our PARTY program, one that helps break down barriers and spreads positivity.

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