Motivational & Informative Speaker

Afi Bell, a motivational speaker and CEO of Breaking Out the Cocoon, provides powerful and informative talks tailored to uplift and inspire those living with a limited life because of their health or something not their fault. It's great to support and pass broterly love to new people.

 Afi draws from her personal experience with epilepsy, she shares true stories that resonate deeply with audiences, offering an encouraging vibe that leaves people feeling empowered. Afi recognizes the struggles that come from any other challenges; she provides hope and practical strategies to help those challenged to find new steps and direction to feel energized well. 

Each session is crafted uniquely for your organization's needs, ensuring that participants leave with renewed optimism and practical insights.

Do you know someone who feels like their life is limited? Do you know someone sick and tired of having seizures?

Do you know someone who can't drive because of their health?

Do you know someone with Epilepsy whose life has been impaired? Their encouragement is shattered and they need to find a new purpose? There are many famous people who had Epilepsy or other challenges many people can relate to.

 Those who encouragement is shattered, and they’re seeking new purpose, Afi's stories and advice can guide them on a path toward a fulfilling and hopeful future. Book her for your next event to experience an uplifting and transformative journey with an expert who understands.

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